Your donors are more interested than you think


Have you noticed that parents and grandparents sometimes have a voracious appetite for the things their kids or grandkids are doing, but the children give one-word answers when asked about their lives?


Is your nonprofit acting like that child?

Are you not communicating with your donors about what you’re doing, because you think it’s not important or not interesting?

In our interview with Leslie and Ann from Front Range Source, we talked about the reality that your donors may be more interested than you think when it comes to hearing about the mundane activities that you engage in.

Don’t forget, you get to do work that makes a real difference in the world, and many of them are stuck in cubicles earning a living. Share your mission with them and let them live vicariously through the positive impact that you’re having.

To watch Leslie and Ann discuss the reality of your donor's interest in your activities, please scroll up to the 3.5-minute video at the top of this blog post. If you'd like to watch the full 45-minute interview with Leslie and Ann, please click here.