What can we learn from auctions in movies?

From dramas to rom-coms to pure comedies, movies love to show rich people attending fundraising galas.

They get dressed up; they arrive in a luxurious vehicle; they climb out onto a red carpet, and they stride importantly into the event.

The fundraiser itself is never the point of the movie. And the characters always act completely at home, completely normal, as if going to a Gala is just what they do every Friday night.

In the movies, the gala is just a backdrop behind the characters while they advance the plot. Putting the characters in a gala is like putting them in a bar, a stadium or a grocery store. 

I love watching these auctions in the movies, because it's fascinating to see what the directors get right and what they get wrong about gala fundraising.

In this video, I review the auctions in five movies:

  • The Addams Family
  • Indecent Proposal
  • Flipped
  • North by Northwest
  • Saturday Night Live 

All five are based on realistic principles, though most are hilariously exaggerated.

Take a few minutes today to have a laugh and see what the movies can teach us about gala fundraising.