WEBINAR: The "How" and the "Who" of Virtual Galas

woman smiling at computer

Yesterday, The Gala Team president Reggie Rivers participated in a webinar about conducting virtual galas.

The recording of that webinar is now available.

The webinar was hosted by Pursuant, a Dallas-based company that specializes in donor intelligence. 

The goal of the webinar was to better understand two key dimensions of virtual galas -- The How and The Who.

1. HOW - How do you plan a virtual gala? How do you structure it? How do you leverage the technology? How do you invite people? How do you engage people? How do you convey your mission? How do you execute the virtual gala?

2. WHO - Who should you invite to your virtual gala? Who is most comfortable with the digital format? Who has an affinity for your mission? Who supports causes like yours?

We've created a page where you can:

  • Watch the Webinar
  • Read our answers to the Q&A questions submitted.
  • Download some of the free tools --e.g. Fundraising case studies, Chat Promoter example, Virtual Event Prep Schedule 

So please, click here to check out the webinar.