The Denver Chophouse & Brewery: A true friend to the nonprofit community


Yesterday for lunch, my family ordered lunch to go from The Denver Chophouse & Brewery.

The meal was delicious, as always, but what tasted best was the knowledge that we were supporting a true friend to the nonprofit community.

The Denver Chophouse & Brewery has partnered with The Gala Team since 2014, donating Dinners with Broncos legends.

At first, it was always a dinner with me (yes, my mother's adoration qualifies me as a Broncos legend!). More recently it's been Dinner with Randy Gradishar, the legendary Orange Crush linebacker.

When we started these dinners in 2014, the Denver Chophouse made a commitment to pay for 12 dinners for five (Broncos legend + 4 guests) that we could auction off at various charity events.

Since then, we have auctioned off more than 350 Dinners at the Chophouse, benefiting more than 200 charity events, raising more than $500,000 for Colorado nonprofits!

The generosity of The Denver Chophouse has been simply amazing! 

Former General Manager Collin McDowell launched this program with us, and current General Manager Nate Diller has propelled it to even greater heights. 

Please click here to watch an interview about this successful fundraising partnership.


The Denver Chophouse & Brewery is open for business again after being COVID-19 closed for more than three months.

So we made a point of placing an order immediately to show them how much we appreciate them.

We'd like to encourage you and your network of friends to place an order at The Denver Chophouse & Brewery

Geographically, you'll find them next door to Coors Field, but emotionally, they live inside our hearts.

This is a wonderful organization that has always given tremendous support to the Colorado nonprofit community.


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