The crucial role that Nonprofits play in our economy and why they need corporate support more than ever right now


I recently delivered a presentation to the South Metro Chamber of Commerce on the subject of Corporate-Nonprofit partnerships.

I was grateful to have this opportunity to help corporate leaders better understand the important role that nonprofits play in our community, and why nonprofits need support now more than ever.

With everything that's happening with COVID-19, it's easy to forget that nonprofits serve people who are suffering. We've got a huge segment of our population that is suffering, so the demand for nonprofit services is skyrocketing.

There are 30+ million people collecting unemployment benefits, and tens of millions facing eviction and tens of millions relying on food banks for their daily sustenance. 

Those are three major anchors -- job, home and food -- that create a family's stability. Losing any one of them is enough to trigger a devastating avalanche of other problems. 

This is the population that nonprofits serve, so the demand is high.

But many of the industries that support nonprofit fundraising - hotels, restaurants , airlines, resorts, arts & entertainment, etc. are suffering right now, so other industries need to step up to fill this void.

Please click here to watch the presentation to the South Metro Chamber of Commerce.