Our Webinar on the power and potential of virtual galas

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We hope that tomorrow you will have a happy and safe Thanksgiving celebration with your immediate family.

Just a quick reminder that we're exactly one week from our webinar about the lessons learned during 2020's virtual galas, and the path ahead for 2021 virtual galas.

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Also, please become part of our knowledge base. We're asking everyone who did a virtual gala this year to fill out our 2-minute survey.

Individually, your anecdotal information about your event is useful to a point, but when it's aggregated with the experiences that others had, we can start to see patterns and learn more about what worked and what didn't in this new virtual environment.

We will share the results of this survey during our webinar at 2 pm Mountain Time on Dec. 2.

Again, the survey is just 2 minutes, and your input would be very much appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!