Micro-Focus Groups: A unique opportunity to ask questions about Virtual Galas

We have a very special invitation for you! It's free; it's intimate, and it's extremely informative. 

We know that many of you are seeking authentic feedback about the ins-and-outs of virtual galas.
At The {Virtual} Gala Team, we have a lot of experience (500-ish in-person events before COVID hit, and so far, 60+ virtual galas), and we have a lot of knowledge that we're happy to share. 
However, you might feel that any tips or advice that we offer might be tilted in our favor or have strings attached, because we're actively pitching our services for your upcoming virtual gala. 
So we're now doing something super interesting and super informative.
We're hosting micro-focus groups, to allow a small group of nonprofits (no more than 10) to ask every question they can think of to a charity that has recently completed a virtual gala.
We invite one of our nonprofit partners  to be the Spotlight Speaker for this Focus Group.
Of course, we pick an organization that had a good experience, but that doesn't mean that everything went perfectly. 
During this Focus Group, hosted by our Lead Gala Consultant Kenzie Crow, we invite the Spotlight Speaker to tell the story of their decision to go virtual, the planning process, the execution and the results.
We don't coach them on what to say or what not to say. We encourage them to be candid and truthful -- show the beauty marks AND the warts.
We keep each Focus Group limited to no more than 10 charities at a time to keep it intimate and allow everyone to ask lots of questions.
Would you like to join one of our Focus Groups as a guest and get your virtual-gala questions answered?
If so, please click here, and sign up, and we'll reach out to you.
Hope to see you soon!