EMPATHY - The most powerful fundraising emotion

We know intuitively that if the guests at your gala feel empathy for the people or animals your nonprofit serves, then they are more likely to donate money to your cause.

But what about the other side of empathy? The empathy that you show toward your guests.

In a typical gala, the nonprofit will share stories, videos and statistics to illustrate the plight of its constituents and these emotional stories trigger the empathy of the guests. The audience then donates generously to help solve the problem and ease the suffering.

But if we want the guests to give generously, we should spend some time focusing on how they feel. We need to empathize with the supporters who attend your event.

How do your guests feel when they walk in the door? Do they feel loved, welcomed and appreciated? Or do they feel rushed, disrespected and taken for granted?

It’s important to know how they feel, because that impacts their mood, and their mood impacts their generosity.

Greg Leonard is the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Colorado Convention Center. As a professional with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, he shared some interesting insights on how his hotel employees try to empathize with the guests to ensure that they have a wonderful and relaxing experience in the hotel.

There are valuable lessons nonprofits can learn from leaders like Mr. Leonard. Please click here to watch the full interview.