Don't be intimidated by the technology - Virtual Galas Demystified

We hope that you'll join us this afternoon for a live conversation about the role that technology plays in a successful virtual gala. 

We'll be on Facebook Live  with Mike Reid and Bobby Davidson of Rollins Productions to learn more about the way nonprofits are using technology to share their missions, recognize their sponsors and execute successful virtual galas.

This live interview will start at 3:30 pm Mountain Time (that's 5:30 EST, 4:30 CST and 2:30 PST), and we invite you to join in and submit your questions to Mike and Bobby.

When COVID-19 first disrupted live events in the Spring of 2020, most of us thought the shift to virtual galas was a short-term emergency tactic that would disappear in just a few weeks or months.

Now that it's becoming more apparent that virtual galas might be the only realistic option in the Spring of 2021 and possibly Fall of 2021, more nonprofits are looking seriously at just what is required to execute a successful virtual gala.

Clearly, the technology is the most important element. You can't go "Virtual" without the tech to go "Virtual". It's like trying to go on a car ride without a car. Or a plane trip without a plane.

Technology is the foundation upon which your virtual gala will sit. And that technology can be intimidating.

During this interview, we will learn the basic questions that most nonprofits are asking of their production partners, and we'll discuss the most important lessons learned from virtual galas in 2020.

Our goal will be to give you some valuable information, help you understand what to ask of a production company and give you the confidence that you CAN successfully pull off you virtual gala.

Be sure to join us on Facebook Live for this interview with Rollins Productions.