Corporate Sponsorship in the Virtual Gala Era

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits are facing as they pivot into virtual galas is -- how do we create sponsor packages?

In the pre-COVID era, corporate sponsors received signage and mentions during the program, but a big part of their benefit was a table for 10 in a prominent location, maybe a VIP happy hour, maybe upgraded alcohol options at their table, maybe wine to take home with them.

The point was that their benefits were not simply opportunities to promote their corporate brand --  they also received benefits in the form of human experience.

When you were pitching corporate decisionmakers, it was helpful to have a list of benefits that they would receive in exchange for their $10,000 sponsorships.

But now, in the virtual world, nonprofits feel insecure about their corporate sponsorship offerings. They've had to slash all of the human experience line items off the menu, but they're still asking for a $10,000 contribution.

  • How will corporations respond to that?
  • How can nonprofits "justify" the amount they're seeking?
  • What would be of value to corporate sponsors in the virtual setting?

This is a big topic that we can't possibly address in one article or one interview, but we're going to start chopping away at it, and see if we can find some answers.

To learn more, we invite you to join us for our next episode of "Virtual Galas Demystified".

  • DATE: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 at 2 pm MST
  • TITLE: Why Corporations Give to Nonprofits
  • GUEST: Debbie Trujillo, KeyBank VP & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
  • DESCRIPTION: Debbie Trujillo will share insights about:
    • why corporations give to nonprofits
    • the best way for nonprofits to ask for support
    • what corporations might want in sponsor packages for virtual galas.
    • and more
  • WHERE TO WATCH: The interview will be on our Facebook Live page

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