5 Important Lessons Learned from Virtual Galas

Reggie Rivers had the honor of delivering a presentation during a OneCause webinar about Virtual Gala Lessons Learned. It was a great conversation! If you missed the live event, you can still watch the recording.

Here is a link to check it out "5 Important Lessons Learned from Virtual Galas".

As many of you know, our crew at The Gala Team, pivoted to virtual galas in March of 2020, and while it was scary and challenging, it was also exciting and encouraging, because donors really responded and virtual galas worked!

We ended up doing 60+ virtual galas in 2020, and during this webinar, we shared some specific examples of things that nonprofits did during their 2020 virtual galas that were particularly effective.

We also talked about the topic of hybrid events and what those will look like when we reach that level of social distancing -- which may come in the Fall of this year, or in the Spring of 2022

There are a lot of lessons learned from 2020 that will pay dividends in 2021. The most important of those lessons is to follow Nike's mandate to "just do it".

The nonprofits who committed themselves to going virtual in 2020 tended to overcome the obstacles, engage with their donors and pull off successful events.

Now, with the slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout, nonprofits have to ask themselves whether it's worth the stress and strain of trying to plan an in-person or hybrid event in this chaotic environment or whether they should simply stop stressing and commit to going virtual in 2021.


We've also created an informative mini-course to answer the most common questions that nonprofits ask us.

You can complete this mini-course in just 10 to 15 minutes. The course describes our services, reveals our rates and shares access to resources that can help you plan your virtual gala -- including a robust FAQ that answers nearly every question any nonprofit has ever asked about virtual galas.

Check out the mini-course here.

Happy Fundraising!