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Have you ever struggled for days, weeks, months or even years trying to solve a problem to no avail?

We all bump into these challenges, and we end up just treating the symptoms as temporary fixes to get us through. Then one day, you bump into an expert, describe your problem, and almost like magic, the expert gets straight to the core of the problem and gives you the solution you've been seeking.

Our Expert Interview Series is an opportunity for us to chat with people who are steeped in knowledge and experience and get their input on some of our most vexing fundraising challenges. We hope you find these interviews educational.

Investing in Overheard — Sometimes it's Necessary
Unlock the Potential of your Fundraising!
Dinner with a local Celebrity! Enhance your Fundraising
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Learn from a Corporate Social Responsibility Expert

Fundraising Success is not an accident. It's a series of deliberate decisions.​

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